Friday 18th September, 2020

Van Morrison Announces three Protest Songs Against Lockdown

Singer releasing new tracks as he campaigns for live venues to operate with full audiences

 Van Morrison is releasing three new tracks in response to the ongoing UK government lockdown restrictions.


Born To Be Free, As I Walked Out, and No More Lockdown are songs of protest which question the measures the Government has put in place. Morrison makes it clear in his new songs how unhappy he is with the way the Government has taken away personal freedoms.


Morrison says;

The singer-songwriter, who is campaigning for performance venues to open at full capacity again, feels strongly that lockdown is in danger of killing live music. Without a date for reopening fully in 2020, many venues will shut down for good.


The three tracks will be available for download and streaming only from selected outlets.


Born To Be Free is released on Friday September 25

As I Walked Out is released on Friday October 9

No More Lockdown is released on Friday October 23


Live music was banned completely when the lockdown was imposed in March. It has been possible for indoor live music performances to take place with socially distanced audiences since August 1. But very few gigs have taken place in the UK and most venues remain shut.


Morrison will debut the new tracks later this month at his upcoming shows in the London Palladium.



For more information, contact:

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